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lights :: babble have built up a small lighting rig to compliment the sound system and to add a bit of colour and sparkle to our events. however as our funds are limited and lighting equipment is expensive, its taking a long time to generate cash to buy the kit we want and in the meantime we have to borrow or hire kit for the bigger events we do. Handily for us we have an experienced lighting engineer on hand who maintains and upgrades our kit as well as creating specific effects to order. in true babble style we're always on the lookout for ways to reduce the waste of society through recycling and several of the lighting effects currently in use were previosly installed as part of an M.O.D. simulator - thank you anchor supplies (also, you might remember our strobing pedestrian crossing lights, the body of which was recovered from a Leicester canal by an enthusiastic suppporter). This ability to create effects and adapt commercial units has given us much greater creative potential.

If there's a specific lighting effect you've seen elsewhere, that you'd like to see at babble please let us Know and we'll do our best to emulate it for you, equally if theres an effect were using now that you hate we can ditch it. just send us an email (

slideshows :: these have been a bit scarce at babble recently because our b*stard slide projectors all have intermittant faults and refuse to function outside the workshop. however they'll be back soon and we're looking for your input to keep them constantly changing and entertaining. you can send us images which we'll convert to slide or make a suggestion and we'll try and hunt out an image for you, in addition to this if you have suitable slides yourself, of past parties for example, email us or bring them down on the night.

We're constantly trying to improve our light shows through bigger, more inteligent effects lighting, by developing control systems and through the use of slides, film and video. We're always in need of something so if you think you might be able to help, look at the babble wants page.

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