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a collective soundsystem

Back in 1993 a small group of students from Leicester started babble collective soundsytem, inspired by the likes of Smokescreen and legendary midlands deep house proponents DiY. They borrowed as much money as they could from friends and relatives and invested in a small secondhand soundsystem. By 1994 babble had become a firm favourite with an enthusiastic Leicester crowd, and over the next few years the collective staged sell out nights at (amongst other places) the Mud Club, Luxor (now Industria) and the Fan Club, and all-night events at Starlite 2001. dj's playing from the collective back then include Long Jon, Peter Pan & Jay, often joined by guests from Smokescreen.

Babble has always been run as a non-profit making organisation, with any proceeds from nights going towards repayment of the original loans, maintenance of equipment and (very occaisonally!) aquisition of new sound and lighting equipment used to enhance the nights. The collective is still going strong, consisting of a nucleus of very hard working individuals (supported by various people who contribute less frequently), most of whom now have to fit work for the collective around full time jobs. More assistance is always welcome, the only requirement being some form of contribution to staging safe, friendly and most of all fun events in and around Leicester.

Whenever possible babble try to put something back into the community, and occaisonally work with local schools, providing sound equipment for special events. Back in 2000 babble djs gave their services to help raise money for oxfam at a charity night held to support the Kosovan refugees. They regularly appear at Leicester Caribbean Carnival, although the collective missed a year in 1999 when they travelled to Hungary to perfom at a three day event staged on the line of totality for the solar eclipse.

The last couple of years have seen babble djs playing at clubs as far away as the Czech Republic and closer to home at the legendary Smokescreen nights at the Future in Derby, SugarCubes (Lincoln), Pulse at the Havana (Derby) and NMMB (Sheffield). Venues for babble nights over the last few years have included the White Room, Starlite, the Y theatre, the Chapel and the notorious Worcester boat parties. Our most recent nights have been in collaboration with Trancemission under the double trouble banner, first at Leicester Square (with the fabulous pool room) and most recently Soho on Halford St. (both of which are in Leicester - not sure what the attraction is with clubs named after tackiest London - although come to think of it there are lots of good record shops around there... but I digress...). take me home

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