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babble @ the charlotte 29th jan 2010

One last chance to party the night away at the legendary charlotte. Come and join us on the 29th for an all nighter – babble are doing the upstairs room, doji and palaroid providing techno business downstairs.

We’ll be taking a slightly smaller rig than the one we used for the birthday, should still be more than enough to wobble your bassline bits 🙂

Update as well as the usual chunks of house goodness, we’ll have a smorgasbord of delightful tunes from Ed (Lobstafari) and and nice slice of DnB from Long Jon – something for everyone!

10pm – 6am, only £2 on the door – no excuses!

One Response to “babble @ the charlotte 29th jan 2010”

  1. Dunk Says:

    Should be a good one, shame the Charlotte is closing again. I didn’t even realise but it’s official by the looks of things (see the link (in the NME no less) below).

    Don’t use this as an excuse to stop partying! (Like you need an excuse!)

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