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Birthday Reflective Reverberations

Monday, December 6th, 2004

Wow…. what a great night! Fantastic to see so many familiar faces, and to share the night with so many friends. Great atmosphere and great music, I hope you’ll agree, if you made it down to our birthday shindig on friday. Apologies to Leicester Square… their smoke machine seems to have got a bit too hot and melted, and we nearly left with half their power leads (thank you cable removal pixies – you were very helpful but perhaps a little over enthusiastic at the end of the night!). If anyone has any pics please send them along to info AT so we can post them up here. Thanks to the DiY crew for rocking the house with us, especially Simon DK whose deep grooves it was a pleasure to follow on to the decks. Thanks to all who travelled from Northampton, Peterborough, Lincoln (Julie) and Aberdeen (Owen and Phil) and everyone who helped.

We’ll be doing it all again sometime soon, as always watch this space or sign up for the mailing list.

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