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Thursday, October 14th, 2004

jamies beautiful birthday image3rd December @ Leicester Square its been a long time coming but finally I can announce that we have sorted out our first date for this party season… and its gonna be a big one! DiY turn 15 this year and the babble upstarts not so far behind at a venerable 11 years old. To celebrate we’re going back to a venue which has good memories for us, Leicester Square (aka “Rack and Roll”). The place has been given a makeover and a mighty new soundsystem. More details to come but stick it in your diary, we want to see all the babble faces there, old and new!

If you can’t wait till then check out MDW40 – this Saturday (16th Oct) at the Attik. These deep house afficionados never fail to please, so get your arse down there for a fat, friendly night out. There’s a writeup on MWD40 over at the bbc from 2003.

By the way, if you’ve been coming to babble for a few years, you may remember this!

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