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10th Birthday Boat Party

Thursday, October 2nd, 2003

boat flyer22nd November 2003 Boat Party on the Thames

Update… Map: for those of you not coming on the coach, here’s a map – boat leaves at 9pm sharp. A couple of other things I should bring to the attention of all who sail on the good ship Miyuki Maru:

  1. the coach company don’t want anyone boozin’ on the bus, so no cans or glass bottles please – be discrete 😉
  2. the boat people are really strict about not allowing anyone to bring alcohol onto the boat – if they catch you they may not let you on, or worse – their terms state: “Any contravention of this policy will result in the function being terminated immediately at the nearest pier without refund”
  3. anyone found enjoying themselves too much will be made to walk the plank

Ok, so I made up number 3. Just remember to be respectful to the captain and his crew and if you must be naughty, don’t get caught!

P.S. No more tickets left – sorry if you missed out, we’ll be doing another night soon – watch this space, or sign up for the mailing list.

Original posting: ohmygoodness I’ve been wanting to be able to announce this for weeks… after many hitches glitches and false starts we have finally found a boat we can celebrate babble’s 10th birthday on. We’re into double figures now and a troublesome adolescence is only just around the corner, so come celebrate with us while we’re still flushed with the excitement of youth!

The babble boat parties are the stuff of legend – if you’ve never been on one before, don’t miss out! I met my girlfriend on one 5 years ago… I can’t guarantee you’ll find one as nice as mine, but love will be abundant, as will the chunkiest, funkiest house music, supplied by damo, debs, mono and rob… and, if you’re really good, we’ll ask uncle bov to spin some tunes too.

The boat will be sailing from Swan Pier, near London Bridge on the Thames, at 9pm sharp on Saturday 22nd November, returning at 2am. How am I going to get there I hear you cry? Why on the beautiful babble bus I reply! There are only 140 places available at an all inclusive, bargainous price of £20 (thats just 20 quid for a return bus leicester – london and admission to the boat), so get ’em quick while you can, they’re sure to go very quickly. Bus leaves Leicester from outside The Showrooms bar, Charles Street at 6pm sharp. We also have a limited number of tickets (60) available for those who don’t need transport at £15 sold out.

Tickets are available now over the web with a credit card… or from one of the babble members… they will be available from Blink Clubwear, Odeon Arcade (off Market Place) from 21.10.2003, either in person or over the phone: 0116 2625820.


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